13 November 2007

Mermaid Melody

Just before the dawn, came to me a melody
Resurrecting the memories locked inside of me
And within my heart, nostalgic feelings arise
As I long to go back to our treasured paradise
After all of the stormy nights (the stormy nights),
My love has been reborn again
So, if we can sing this song,
I know I'll never forget

Clouds will always move on, vanish from the sky

Reaching for the end of the rainbow's twilight
Pathways of stars will come from our hearts
Leading us to back into eachother's arms
Though we may not know what the future may hold
I know that I'll love you forever and more
Just like the sea, lasting forever
I know that we will be together


Kolmas päev läheb juba seda laulu kuulates, ainult et jaapani keeles. Aitäh Mirju

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