30 November 2011

coconut oil

i destroy my hair every day. i dye it almost black and then bleach it back to blonde (or, well, i tried). i go outside with wet hair. and what's even worse, my last trip to a hair salon was in may. so yeah.
i found this bottle in the nearby pak foods store, heated it up and massaged into my hair. guess what. my hair doesn't even look like it's had 40 minutes of strong bleach. no split ends. no breaking. and it feels like soft gold. i'm amused. what's even better - it cost only 1.29£ and it's the best hair product i've ever owned. yes, even compared to salon products!

since coconut oil thaws at temperatures less than 24C, i usually let the bottle sit in a mug full of hot water for a few minutes and then it's ready to use. i leave it in my hair for the night and then just wash it out in the morning with shampoo and some conditioner (the latter is not really needed anymore since the coconut oil softens it) and that's it. healthy hair for less!

here's what it looks right now: quite coppery, but still nice and shiny. i'm going to re-dye it in a few days with an ashy shade of dark blonde for a more even result (my roots are still showing) but at least i don't have to wait a month until the next bleaching session. lol.

what's your best secret hair product? 

and finally... today's outfit. since it's still very warm and sunny in england, i'm going to wear summer clothes as well. after all, the trees are still quite green and we dry our laundry outside. plus, i really like this dress and it feels just right to wear it today.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to use coconut milk, instead of oil?

Siiri said...

coconut milk tends to be drippy so it's quite hard to keep it in your hair, but you can mix it with your conditioner and it should work too. good luck!

Yuki said...

Kindlasti midagi, mille lõhn mulle meeldiks! :D

Siiri said...

kusjuures see õli, mis mul on, ei lõhnagi. aga virgin coconut oil, mida saab looduspoodidest, lõhnab kookose järele ning jätab selle lõhna ka juustesse. :)

Anonymous said...

Pigem on selle imeravimi point selles, et see on õli, mitte selles, et see on kookos. Õlid ongi juustele sitaks head, ma ei saa aru miks kõik neid ei kasuta, palju odavam kui salongihooldus. Mina panen takjajuureõli ja riitsinusõli juustesse ning see mõjub ka väga hästi. Muidugi on õlidega rohkem mässamist ja raskem ka peast välja saada (mul vähemalt), aga see on odavm ja puhtast loodusest. Nii, et fännan koos sinuga.

Stadt Hund said...

miks kõik kasulikud kommentaarid end alati anonüümse sildiga ehivad?

muuseas, oliiviõli & mee & kaneeli segu võtab juustelt punakat läiget ära & jätab juuksed mõnusaks pärast. tead küll, kui juukseid sada korda juba blondeerinud, aga mingi vasehelk ikka särab.