16 December 2011

brixham, torquay, dartmoor

road to dartmoor
a long road trip to the unforgettable south west; with bright green fields and long roads like rivers
tiny railroad for a summer steam train
december in dartmoor

the "can't wait to eat you" shark
fruit market in brixham
joints and steaks
 i love, love, love butchers.
the english riviera
 brixham is considered the english riviera (at least the signs in the harbor say so). it feels more like south france than england, with hundreds of tiny houses looking over the sea front (for as little as £395 for a fully furnished apartment). it's a fish town and the constant screeching of seagulls follows you over its narrow streets; its air smells of the ocean and every breath is freedom
guess i'm the child who never fully let go of the salty waves

winter has never felt so different (not that i'd mind)
it's warm and sunny and instead of school, i'm travelling around, seeing places i've only dreamed of
a year ago i didn't even know i would be coming to england... and now i'm here.

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