19 December 2011

highway lovers

the english countryside

dreamy devon, a place where everybody wants to live

a burning car on the highway. i had about 2 seconds for this shot as we were going at 80 mph

a dead pigeon in london

taxi driver

a creepy old guy who washed car windows for money

two in one

london glowing at night

night lights

go after the greens
something i brought home from london.


Anonymous said...

see põlev auto... wow, eluline pilt. ja see taksojuhi oma meeldib mulle ka.

Siiri said...

ma jälitasin seda taksojuhti ühe korraliku tänava jagu, et ta korralikult kaadrisse saada - takso jäi pidevalt meist kas liiga ette või taha :D