16 December 2011


bus to london

the very first photo of josanne, blended with smoke and sunset gold
nottingham is a grey city, filled with large splotches of brick red. the moment you leave the city borders everything becomes magical and nothing feels like december anymore. bright green fields with horses and sheep, afternoon sunlight glowing over the hills and rivers

secret location; a gothic church found in the middle of london
i had found a secret location near the tower of london; hidden between huge blocks of glass and concrete, with businessmen walking fast in dark suits and black taxis honking and tourists taking pictures with every red phone booth on the street. but in st dunstans, it suddenly becomes so eerily quiet, the only sound being your own breathing

i had two shoots with beautiful actresses; the first one, josanne, with hair in the colour of blood and the second one, chloe, a pretty pixie with crystal blue eyes. i tangled their hair in the dead branches of churchyard trees and captured light in their eyes. these shoots were so much joy and encouragement, perfect models and perfect location

kitties in putney

 flower shop in camden town

 belgian chocolate dip and waffles in camden town

the wrong tube train i got on (and missed the opportunity of visiting the national history museum - dinosaurs!!!)
black coffee and peppermint ice cream from the best italian café in london

kadri's bedroom (and me wearing the jumper that she gave me)
hungry swans in london

unreleased photo of josanne (it would have never made it due to the branch sticking in her face)

chloe doing her makeup

chloe hiding in the dead trees (at first a discarded photo)
there's so much mystery to these pictures which never make it to the "top batch". i usually shoot around three hundred photos and then pick around fifty that "have potential" and out of these fifty only ten or so are actually seen by others but me (and all my imaginary friends). sometimes i come back to the dead and forgotten folder and discover something new; sometimes it happens on the same minute when i'm about to send a photo to its graveyard. i can't even imagine how many unseen moments linger somewhere on my hard drive, with dead eyes looking into emptiness and hands grabbing nothing but unresponsed sadness

stonehenge, one week before christmas

today i caught another glimpse of london; the city where i left my heart, after running through kings cross to finally see the platform 9 3/4 (i'm a hopeless harry potter fan)
it was nothing like in the movies
(t)rain to grantham 

night lights

going back home in torrential rain, almost missing my bus and staring sleeplessly at the highways
the late night bus back to nottingham
london is where my heart is


N said...

just... wow

Anonymous said...

Selliseid poste rohkete piltidega võiks rohkem olla, niisama londoni tänavatest ja sinu tegemistest ja nii

Anonymous said...

Käisin ka King's Crossis platvorm 9 3/4 otsimas, aga ei leidnudki täpset kohta üles, sest ehitustööd käisid. Seisin niisama nõutu näoga ja vahtisin lage. St Dunstani kirikust lugesin aga siit esimest korda, guugledasin pilte ja ahmisin õhku. Kui kunagi veel Londonisse peaksin sattuma....

elx said...

moar moar moar!!

Siiri said...

kings cross on nüüd jälle korras. aga kurb ja tühine. vähemalt platvorm 9 3/4...

st dunstans on kindlasti väärt külastust :D kui üles leiad muidugi.

ma muidu ei ela londonis, aga eks ma proovin siis rohkem seal käia ning hilisõhtul linnas hängida :D

Anonymous said...

kas seda mingit käru pole enam seal seina sees?

Siiri said...

ei näinud küll kahjuks. kõik oli uus ja kena.