30 December 2011

mini muffins

chocolate chip mini muffins with grinded nuts and chocolate flakes
mini muffins are apparently my new favourite food now. i used to bake muffins for my friends and family all the time (i don't usually eat muffins) but these babies... they're all mine. i don't really feel like sharing them with others. ;)

how to make these cuties: take three egg whites and mix them with sugar until it looks very fluffy and foamy.
mix two cups of flour with one teaspoonful of baking powder and mix the egg foam and flour together.
add a pinch of salt (very important) and some oil (also important). if you can find chocolate chips, add them to the flour.
use the mortar and pestle to grind some nuts (any nuts will do).
also look for any cereals and mueslis (something that has pecan nuts inside is always good).

cover the muffin bases with a few drops of oil (you can also try liquid honey as a sweet extra).
fill them carefully with a teaspoon until half of the paper bowl is full and spread the grinded nuts on top.
i also found a very useful "decoration perfection" jar, filled with four different types of chocolate decorations which is now my best friend whenever i decide to bake something.

bake in the oven at 170C for 10 minutes until the muffins are golden.
enjoy while still warm ;) (with milk maybe? or earl grey tea?)

got any nice muffin recipes to share with me? ♥


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