31 December 2012

2012, in pictures


one year has passed by so quickly. i wrote a similar post in december 2011, but this one is mostly about my photography, something that i can no longer live without.

i didn't take any pictures in january, and the only remarkable things i did was to dye my hair blonde and order tons of prints that are still sitting in my drawer and waiting for a new home; or at least a box to live in.

i returned home in february and shot birgitta in a snowy graveyard. it was terribly cold and it was also the first time i used my jupiter lens.

in march i shot a series in collaboration with my hair stylist, it was quite strange but incredibly funny as well.

april was too cold for outside shoots, but nele agreed to do it anyway.

i met my fire-haired muse johanna in early may and i fell in love with every part of her being. it was the beginning of something beautiful. after many, many months i had found myself a muse again.

june was a month full of chaos (and lots of burned bridges) but everything i shot back then is pastel-toned and tender. it was the rebirth of a creative mind.

i still have a lot of unretouched images from july and it's embarrassing.

august was the most beautiful month of my summer. i was free like a bird. everything i wanted, i got.
i was so inspired back then.

september was another disaster. i ran away and hid my eyes in cigarette smoke, reconsidering everything.

my father's heart gave up in late october.

tallinn dolls was my first project with some of the bigger fishes around here, and although it wasn't as nice and lovely as i expected, it was still an improvement that makes november pretty awesome.

and finally, during the cold month of december, i did no personal shoots at all; and it's quite sad.

here are two frosty curves to say goodbye to 2012.

download calgary
download copenhagen

15 December 2012

tallinn dolls: merily leis

after photographing johanna in their clothes, tallinn dolls asked me to shoot some more.
meet merily leis, the notorious fashion blogger from sequin magazine.
styled by anete palmik, wardrobe by tallinn dolls.

(the last dress is anete's creation)

14 December 2012

anete palmik designs

clothes by anete palmik 

i met this badass designer through tallinn dolls and she thought i could be the one to shoot her amazing clothes. it was fucking freezing (it's still winter... at least four months to go until i can work normally again) and i'm not super satisfied with my work, but there are more shoots to come. 

thank you jo for being so brave, without you this wouldn't have happened.


12 December 2012

fotosessiooni võitja

by anete palmik

random.org abiga on selgunud fotosessiooni loosimise võitja, milleks osutus kommentaar nr 20.
palju õnne, kirsi! sulle on saadetud e-mail ning ootan sind lähiajal pildistama.

ning lõpetuseks...

väike photoshopi curve tänutäheks osalemise eest. :)

5 December 2012

a beautiful burden

a few days ago i shot these gorgeous rose jewellery designs by mirhel, and i asked a beautiful girl from my high school to model for the series. i'm incredibly happy with the outcome, considering the fact that they were shot in the designer's living room, with very little light (it's winter, after all).

ps: if you're terrified of nipples, please do not proceed.


jewellery by mirja-helen lillemets (mirhel) 
 model is anna maria lapin
 wardrobe partially by me.

1 December 2012

free curves #12

click here to download the curve set
ladies and gentlemen, may i present you the very last curve set of 2012, created with contrast and soft lighting in mind, to give your photos the colours they need.

i'm very proud of this whole project that i was able to continue for a whole year and i absolutely loved making them, and here you can download the previous eleven curve sets.

unfortunately all good things come to an end and i won't be making these monthly curve sets anymore, but i have a few bigger ideas in mind. all that i have created so far will remain here until the end of time so that you can keep using them as long as you wish.

there will be other projects coming soon, so keep an eye on my blog! much love to you all.

24 November 2012

tallinn dolls

a few weeks ago one of my favourite muses johanna asked if i was interested in shooting a fashion project for tallinn dolls
it was pretty fun and we had a really cool location in the old town, a gorgeous assistant with a shiny reflector and another friend who let us in. 
here are the final images, hope you like!

wardrobe by tallinn dolls // model is johanna ruukholm // assisted by jaan kristjan utno

18 November 2012


some weeks ago i met him for the first time and we spent a few hours shooting in his dark and cold attic. it was so strange, i had never really shot a boy before, it was different and challenging. but somehow he already knew what to do and i barely directed anything.

he's gone now, over the mountains and seas, more than eight thousand miles away. i hope you come back soon.

16 November 2012

the werewolf

styled by the amazing ketlin kütt
war paint by helen sarapik
models are xavier and maria

this is ketlin's coursework, inspired by a book with the same title.

behind the scenes

14 November 2012

let's eat cake

seoses igasuguste uute projektide ja ideedega otsin sellest sügisest inimesi, kellel on palju põnevaid riideid ning kes ei karda neid kombineerida - ehk siis, otsin noori stiliste ja disainereid! pakun omalt poolt väga nõudlikku ja kamandavat juhtimisstiili, vähe süüa ning sapiseid kommentaare, aga headel päevadel ka pilte ning väga lahedaid shoote. kui tunned, et just sinu riidekapp võiks kuulsaks saada, siis saada mõned näited oma kapis leiduvast ning võib-olla saab just sinust see, kes peab minuga hilja öösel üleval istuma ning kleitide üle arutama. päriselt.

ootan kirju aadressile siiri.kumari@gmail.com .

13 November 2012

werewolf: behind the scenes

a really cool stylist called ketlin who i met a few weeks ago asked me to shoot a small editorial for her coursework, and on monday we did. the location was quite creepy and we met some joyful locals with crowbars, but i'm sure they meant no harm. everyone, meet the ugly and somewhat undiscovered part of my city, a ghetto for the scum of society, abandoned and destroyed, but still somewhat beautiful.

a husky named xavier who didn't really feel like being photographed.

close-up of the makeup artist's work.

making firewood. yes.