23 January 2012

glory box

i went through my old summer folders and scraped together the remains of a bare-skinned shoot. some things discarded are now powerful to my eyes and i wish you all could see them. these are my dreams of darkness. fragile memories of red and bones. of candlelight and fumes. the tender form of a woman.

i will come home and i would be in your arms. i would lye on my bed and hear the soft breathing of your chest, your fingers touching the old walls. and you would kiss my bergamot-scented lips and and we would fall into the deepest dark and there would be just me and you. i would kiss you and breathe your perfume and sink into your skin. and i would not regret.

it's a flame inside me, trembling but strong. i want to lye in darkness with you and taste your skin. every inch of you. burning with lust, inhaling every part of you. the heat of your body paralyzing mine. eyes closed, dying with every second, my sex reincarnating from the soul. one single breath of you. my skin on your skin.

thoughts like these are always dangerous and should be avoided at all costs

13 January 2012

printed girls

i ordered my first set of "english" prints a few days ago. although they were done at a cheap photo company, the quality is really, really good. the colours are bright and saturated, and the contrast is almost perfect, maybe a bit too dark, but you can barely notice it. i am very impressed and i will probably order more soon.
thank you, max spielmann, for being so affordable and high quality :)

this is how big they are! 5x7 inches exactly. i thought they would be much smaller, so you can imagine my surprise when i opened the package and this came out. i ordered 14 prints and they cost me only £1.12, which is £0.08 per photo. madness!

other than that beautiful printy surprise, i haven't been doing much. ucas deadline is drawing closer and i have yet to finish my personal statement bullshit which is extremely hard as i'm not used to hyping myself. i think it's somewhat unlogical that i have to prove myself with words while i'm a visual artist - but then again, even engineers have to write it.

on a bit brighter note, we're coming home in february to spend some time with friends and family.
i'm already counting days to these endless evenings with people close to my heart and shooting until my hands are weak and cold. it's the best feeling ever.

11 January 2012

princess peach

i dyed my hair blonde... AGAIN. i did it about a year ago but gave up when my hair didn't turn out the colour i wanted - weak me, so weak. last time i ended up dyeing it brown and then black and getting it back to blonde was a nightmare, especially because i couldn't get the dye off. i would bleach it and still have dark hair. i even tried a colour remover but it didn't work either.

my last try was jerome russell's peroxide and bleaching powder... which cost me about 5£. i also got some aluminium foil and that was it. a few hours later i had peach orange hair. after that i spent about three days with coconut oil and bleached again today and... here it is. hawt blonde.

i'm going to bleach it once more though since it's still a bit orange from behind and then tone it down with a natural medium blonde, but i've never been so close to a colour i really want - i might be actually able to grow out my real colour. i noticed my hair grows so much faster when i don't dye it, so i'm going to give it lots of deep conditioning treatments and hope for the best. :3

5 January 2012

inspiration post

sharing parts from my inspiration folder.

1 January 2012

free curves #1

click here to download the .rar file
when i got a new camera in summer, i depended entirely on other photographers' free resources. i discovered the world of curves and simple, natural retouching. my hard drive is still cluttered with fancy photoshop actions and film look curves, but i'm not using them anymore. here i am finally offering you my own first proper set of colours.

they work best on beach photos, giving them the true feeling of summer - the dry sand against your skin, all the wild days spent in the salty waters, homemade cherry tarts, grandmothers' houses, the pretty-haired girls and kisses from strangers

california does wonders with sunsets, no words needed

with california curve, click here for original
australia also works in forests unlike many other curves, giving the shadows a sublime cyan-blue hue while making the rest glow in golden.

with australia curve, click here for original
south wales is a tricky one as it turns everything quite pale and blue with red undertones. however, it makes your pictures look very sexy.

with south wales curve, click here for original
and that's it for now! i'm hoping to release three new curves at the beginning of each month - i promise.
i've never made new year's resolutions, so this will be my first one! enjoy ♥