1 January 2012

free curves #1

click here to download the .rar file
when i got a new camera in summer, i depended entirely on other photographers' free resources. i discovered the world of curves and simple, natural retouching. my hard drive is still cluttered with fancy photoshop actions and film look curves, but i'm not using them anymore. here i am finally offering you my own first proper set of colours.

they work best on beach photos, giving them the true feeling of summer - the dry sand against your skin, all the wild days spent in the salty waters, homemade cherry tarts, grandmothers' houses, the pretty-haired girls and kisses from strangers

california does wonders with sunsets, no words needed

with california curve, click here for original
australia also works in forests unlike many other curves, giving the shadows a sublime cyan-blue hue while making the rest glow in golden.

with australia curve, click here for original
south wales is a tricky one as it turns everything quite pale and blue with red undertones. however, it makes your pictures look very sexy.

with south wales curve, click here for original
and that's it for now! i'm hoping to release three new curves at the beginning of each month - i promise.
i've never made new year's resolutions, so this will be my first one! enjoy ♥


Anonymous said...

mina ei saa neid kasutada oma photoshopiga :( ütleb, et "does not recognize this type of file"

Siiri said...

kas sa laadisid nad ikka curves'i alla? (osad panevad kogemata actionitesse).

image > adjustments > curves ja seal kõrval on pisike nupp, kuhu peale vajutades valid "load presets" ning siis peaksid saama neid oma arvutist otsida.

Anonymous said...

ooo, super, tänks :)

k. said...

Ma ei näe South Wales'i originaali. Või siis ma lihtsalt ei hooma seda erinevust. :/

Siiri said...

unesegane mina kirjutas selle postituse hilja öösel (ning avaldas hiljem ilma linke üle kontrollimata).


selline on originaal

yuku.★ said...

Dumb question since you actually said they are for Photoshop... but is it possible that they work on GIMP as well? They are so beautiful and I'd love to try them out... :/

Siiri said...

unfortunately they won't because photoshop and gimp use different file formats. sorry about that x