23 January 2012

glory box

i went through my old summer folders and scraped together the remains of a bare-skinned shoot. some things discarded are now powerful to my eyes and i wish you all could see them. these are my dreams of darkness. fragile memories of red and bones. of candlelight and fumes. the tender form of a woman.

i will come home and i would be in your arms. i would lye on my bed and hear the soft breathing of your chest, your fingers touching the old walls. and you would kiss my bergamot-scented lips and and we would fall into the deepest dark and there would be just me and you. i would kiss you and breathe your perfume and sink into your skin. and i would not regret.

it's a flame inside me, trembling but strong. i want to lye in darkness with you and taste your skin. every inch of you. burning with lust, inhaling every part of you. the heat of your body paralyzing mine. eyes closed, dying with every second, my sex reincarnating from the soul. one single breath of you. my skin on your skin.

thoughts like these are always dangerous and should be avoided at all costs

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Nora said...

üks mõnusaimaid postitusi :)