11 January 2012

princess peach

i dyed my hair blonde... AGAIN. i did it about a year ago but gave up when my hair didn't turn out the colour i wanted - weak me, so weak. last time i ended up dyeing it brown and then black and getting it back to blonde was a nightmare, especially because i couldn't get the dye off. i would bleach it and still have dark hair. i even tried a colour remover but it didn't work either.

my last try was jerome russell's peroxide and bleaching powder... which cost me about 5£. i also got some aluminium foil and that was it. a few hours later i had peach orange hair. after that i spent about three days with coconut oil and bleached again today and... here it is. hawt blonde.

i'm going to bleach it once more though since it's still a bit orange from behind and then tone it down with a natural medium blonde, but i've never been so close to a colour i really want - i might be actually able to grow out my real colour. i noticed my hair grows so much faster when i don't dye it, so i'm going to give it lots of deep conditioning treatments and hope for the best. :3

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