13 January 2012

printed girls

i ordered my first set of "english" prints a few days ago. although they were done at a cheap photo company, the quality is really, really good. the colours are bright and saturated, and the contrast is almost perfect, maybe a bit too dark, but you can barely notice it. i am very impressed and i will probably order more soon.
thank you, max spielmann, for being so affordable and high quality :)

this is how big they are! 5x7 inches exactly. i thought they would be much smaller, so you can imagine my surprise when i opened the package and this came out. i ordered 14 prints and they cost me only £1.12, which is £0.08 per photo. madness!

other than that beautiful printy surprise, i haven't been doing much. ucas deadline is drawing closer and i have yet to finish my personal statement bullshit which is extremely hard as i'm not used to hyping myself. i think it's somewhat unlogical that i have to prove myself with words while i'm a visual artist - but then again, even engineers have to write it.

on a bit brighter note, we're coming home in february to spend some time with friends and family.
i'm already counting days to these endless evenings with people close to my heart and shooting until my hands are weak and cold. it's the best feeling ever.


Hellera said...

Ma loodan, et sul on minu jaoks ka natuke aega, kui tuled. :)

Siiri said...

ma annan endast parima. :D