27 February 2012

the graveyard girl

...i believe this describes quite accurately how night shifts alone feel like.

16 February 2012

the city of angels, part two (winter)

the city of angels, at night
i have a favourite city. i arrived there on monday, into the ocean of bright lights and tender snow. i walked on the quiet evening streets, over the frozen river, covered with footprints and sledge tracks. i sat down with my friends and played a fierce game of alias (my team won). i believe this was the night when i realized that i'm truly home. with the people who love me, no matter what i do or where i am. these five months abroad haven't changed anything between us. i can't help - i really adore this city

nikon f70 + jupiter 135mm
m gave me his old camera, a nikon f70 (eats 35mm film) + 35-80mm zoom lens (the photo is taken with this lens). i haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but i promise to do so asap. i'm lucky to have a mount adapter for my soviet lens - they can all be used with this camera, so i'm hoping to get some nice images.

(m, fyi the autofocus is not so bad at all. it works nice on my digital slr and the only strange part is the noise the lens makes while focusing.)

emilia in her beautiful winter coat
i also stumbled upon this sexy bitch my summer lingerie model who was wearing a nice camel coat - i couldn't resist taking her picture. as soon as she approves the rest, i'm going to post them here as well so that you can see. until that, enjoy this preview. :]

12 February 2012

faust und birgitta

whole shoot on flickr for quality whores like me: click

yesterday i got a call from my wolf-eyed friend birgitta who proposed a victorian gothic shoot with goethe's faust. this morning she came over, put on her mother's huge lacy dress and we proceeded to a graveyard.

most of the photos were shot with a manual jupiter lens (135mm f3.5) and were later edited with a combination of milano & prague curves.

the shoot only lasted for 15 minutes which makes it my shortest session ever - but it was so cold! i'm still looking for nice indoor locations to shoot during these winter months. any help is always welcome.
i also hope that you like these images.

10 February 2012

hair stylists

hair styled by kristin roovet @ bazinga; makeup: bb cream by innisfree; eyeliner and mascara: natural collection by boots; honey eyeshadow (used as a blush) by tru minerals

after months of searching i have finally found a hair stylist for my photo team - they are extremely hard to find and i have very high expectations. i met kristin through a long-haired lolita friend some time ago, but now we have finally teamed up and a vintage editorial is about to happen in the next few weeks.

a good hairdresser is almost like an unicorn. they are rare. sometimes you find one and then they suddenly move to another city or, even worse, are replaced by a friendly newbie who gives you a nice mullet or dyes your hair green by accident. fortunately this girl knows what she's doing.

the best part? - her hair salon happens to be just five minutes from my house. >> bazinga
welcome to the team, kristin.

* * *

suggested by a friend as the ultimate make-up solution - and i completely agree. it's non-irritating, subtle yet perfectly covering. it has green tea in it and a fair amount of sun protection (the girls with fair skin will definitely be happy). at first i thought i would use it as a foundation, but really, it's good enough alone.

i'm using the lightest shade which looked very dark on my hand at first, but when blended in, there's no difference in colours. i only add a hint of honey on my cheeks and that's it. :)

* * *

and at once i knew i was not magnificent
strayed above the highway aisle
jagged vacant, thick without us
i could see for miles, miles, miles

bon iver - holocene

winter music

8 February 2012

the silver lights

my best friend took this picture.

he has the ultimate ability of actually photographing me the way i really am. as if he could see where my thoughts are and what i'm scared of and what makes me happy. he knows my darkest parts and yet there is so much light when i see the results on the camera screen. like he really knows what he's doing. 
walking into the depths of my mind and bringing out the good in me. 
i can only hope that one day my photographs of other people will be as alive as this one here. 

6 February 2012


the view from my window, with my pale yellow kindergarten

kodu. home. the smell of frost and snow. my friends keep whining how cold it is, but i'm loving it. every time my skin becomes numb and every time i breathe the crisp winter air i remember how it feels to be here. it's an inexplicable feeling. and i never want it to end.

yesterday two darlings came over with wine and the best blue cheese i have ever eaten. we would just sit on my childhood bed and talk about everything. i sunk into these memories of summer and it felt like i had never gone away at all. i am the luckiest person in the world to have friends like them.

birgitta, a very dirty-minded wine glass and some hot blonde guy

a lot of things are still in the same place where i left them. with the exception of a horrible new carpet in my room, everything feels the same. the golden afternoon light (the advantages of living on the 9th floor), the view from my balcony, the pink wallpaper that i used to hate. it's all torn and ugly now.

i don't know yet what's going to happen next. we have left nottingham for good, but my heart is still stretching out to london and i got an interview at westminster's. p got an offer from exeter. the education here is quite questionable and england has all the amazing opportunities, but i'm not happy there. homesickness is a terrible thing and i don't really want to feel it anymore.

me on the first afternoon at home. edited with the milano curve 

however, you know what they say: if there aren't any opportunities, you create them. 
and i promise you, i will. 

1 February 2012

free curves #2

click here to download the .rar file
february curves! i'm not sure if they have any specific uses; each one is quite moody and can give you a variety of results on different photos. however, i promise, they are as lovely as the january set (so many people downloaded them, thank you so much for your support, i'm glad you like my colours) and will hopefully bring lots of joy to your photographs. please keep in mind that your results will most likely depend on the lighting conditions, especially the amount of shadows and highlights; but also the colours that you start out with.

with french summer curve, click here for original
french summer works nicely with pretty much everything. it turns everything warm and slightly darker, giving your pictures the resemblance of lazy summer evenings in south france; tiny streets crowded with people, the azure ocean with its salty waves and the smell of sunflowers.

with milano curve, click here for original
milano is a nice and joyful curve that can become moody in darker photographs (depending on how much highlights they have). it's a strong and demanding colour. here is an example of what it does with different lighting conditions. milano is probably one of my favourite curves created so far.

with prague curve, click here for original
prague is, quite simply, a film look curve. it tones down these pesky overexposed areas and fills the shadows with a tender red hue. it's a morning walk on carl's bridge; with huge clouds of fog swimming over the canals. it's the ever-growing inspiration from vintage photography and grandparents' old albums, with morning coffee in hand.

please comment if you like them and let me know if you have any suggestions for the march curve set :)