16 February 2012

the city of angels, part two (winter)

the city of angels, at night
i have a favourite city. i arrived there on monday, into the ocean of bright lights and tender snow. i walked on the quiet evening streets, over the frozen river, covered with footprints and sledge tracks. i sat down with my friends and played a fierce game of alias (my team won). i believe this was the night when i realized that i'm truly home. with the people who love me, no matter what i do or where i am. these five months abroad haven't changed anything between us. i can't help - i really adore this city

nikon f70 + jupiter 135mm
m gave me his old camera, a nikon f70 (eats 35mm film) + 35-80mm zoom lens (the photo is taken with this lens). i haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but i promise to do so asap. i'm lucky to have a mount adapter for my soviet lens - they can all be used with this camera, so i'm hoping to get some nice images.

(m, fyi the autofocus is not so bad at all. it works nice on my digital slr and the only strange part is the noise the lens makes while focusing.)

emilia in her beautiful winter coat
i also stumbled upon this sexy bitch my summer lingerie model who was wearing a nice camel coat - i couldn't resist taking her picture. as soon as she approves the rest, i'm going to post them here as well so that you can see. until that, enjoy this preview. :]

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Mort said...

The autofocus from my old Nikon might not be so bad. I am, and that's why I gave you my camera. I hope you can use it to it's full potential. I'm kinda drunk and it might be a good idea to go to sleep now. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.