1 February 2012

free curves #2

click here to download the .rar file
february curves! i'm not sure if they have any specific uses; each one is quite moody and can give you a variety of results on different photos. however, i promise, they are as lovely as the january set (so many people downloaded them, thank you so much for your support, i'm glad you like my colours) and will hopefully bring lots of joy to your photographs. please keep in mind that your results will most likely depend on the lighting conditions, especially the amount of shadows and highlights; but also the colours that you start out with.

with french summer curve, click here for original
french summer works nicely with pretty much everything. it turns everything warm and slightly darker, giving your pictures the resemblance of lazy summer evenings in south france; tiny streets crowded with people, the azure ocean with its salty waves and the smell of sunflowers.

with milano curve, click here for original
milano is a nice and joyful curve that can become moody in darker photographs (depending on how much highlights they have). it's a strong and demanding colour. here is an example of what it does with different lighting conditions. milano is probably one of my favourite curves created so far.

with prague curve, click here for original
prague is, quite simply, a film look curve. it tones down these pesky overexposed areas and fills the shadows with a tender red hue. it's a morning walk on carl's bridge; with huge clouds of fog swimming over the canals. it's the ever-growing inspiration from vintage photography and grandparents' old albums, with morning coffee in hand.

please comment if you like them and let me know if you have any suggestions for the march curve set :)

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Chio said...

thank you for the curves, they're awesome!