10 February 2012

hair stylists

hair styled by kristin roovet @ bazinga; makeup: bb cream by innisfree; eyeliner and mascara: natural collection by boots; honey eyeshadow (used as a blush) by tru minerals

after months of searching i have finally found a hair stylist for my photo team - they are extremely hard to find and i have very high expectations. i met kristin through a long-haired lolita friend some time ago, but now we have finally teamed up and a vintage editorial is about to happen in the next few weeks.

a good hairdresser is almost like an unicorn. they are rare. sometimes you find one and then they suddenly move to another city or, even worse, are replaced by a friendly newbie who gives you a nice mullet or dyes your hair green by accident. fortunately this girl knows what she's doing.

the best part? - her hair salon happens to be just five minutes from my house. >> bazinga
welcome to the team, kristin.

* * *

suggested by a friend as the ultimate make-up solution - and i completely agree. it's non-irritating, subtle yet perfectly covering. it has green tea in it and a fair amount of sun protection (the girls with fair skin will definitely be happy). at first i thought i would use it as a foundation, but really, it's good enough alone.

i'm using the lightest shade which looked very dark on my hand at first, but when blended in, there's no difference in colours. i only add a hint of honey on my cheeks and that's it. :)

* * *

and at once i knew i was not magnificent
strayed above the highway aisle
jagged vacant, thick without us
i could see for miles, miles, miles

bon iver - holocene

winter music


Anonymous said...

tutvusta mind oma juuuksurile pls :D I seriously need a cut

Siiri said...

kristin tegutseb mustamäe tee 5 :) hinnakiri ja telefoninumber on üleval kodulehel bazingailusalong.ee
ning ma tõsiselt soovitan teda, tüdruk teeb asja hingega ;)