6 February 2012


the view from my window, with my pale yellow kindergarten

kodu. home. the smell of frost and snow. my friends keep whining how cold it is, but i'm loving it. every time my skin becomes numb and every time i breathe the crisp winter air i remember how it feels to be here. it's an inexplicable feeling. and i never want it to end.

yesterday two darlings came over with wine and the best blue cheese i have ever eaten. we would just sit on my childhood bed and talk about everything. i sunk into these memories of summer and it felt like i had never gone away at all. i am the luckiest person in the world to have friends like them.

birgitta, a very dirty-minded wine glass and some hot blonde guy

a lot of things are still in the same place where i left them. with the exception of a horrible new carpet in my room, everything feels the same. the golden afternoon light (the advantages of living on the 9th floor), the view from my balcony, the pink wallpaper that i used to hate. it's all torn and ugly now.

i don't know yet what's going to happen next. we have left nottingham for good, but my heart is still stretching out to london and i got an interview at westminster's. p got an offer from exeter. the education here is quite questionable and england has all the amazing opportunities, but i'm not happy there. homesickness is a terrible thing and i don't really want to feel it anymore.

me on the first afternoon at home. edited with the milano curve 

however, you know what they say: if there aren't any opportunities, you create them. 
and i promise you, i will. 


Iti said...

Sa pidid ju alles veebruari lõpus tulema? Kas sa Tartusse ka satud või pean ma ennast millalgi Tlna orgunnima? Kauaks sa jääd?

Siiri said...

ma olen nüüd kohe üsna päriselt-päriselt siin. vea end kuhugi, soovitavalt minuga samasse linna. :D

k. said...

Üüh... Ma jään siis su pakki ootama. Põhimõtteliselt on mul sellega tegelikult ka märtsini aega, lihtsalt pean ära otsustama, kas lükkan praktikapäeva nii kaugele või teen selle parem varsti ära & saan kaelast ära.

Aga millalgi peaks külla tulema ka sulle.

Siiri said...

saab-saab saadetud, mul on lähipäevil postkontorisse nii kui nii asja, siis panen teele ka :)