30 March 2012

sneak peek: of roses and thorns

from today's magical shoot with the beautiful veera lehtonen, a young dreamer child from finland. thank you for coming to my favourite forest with me and looking so effortlessly pretty.
i will always look forward to our next shoot together.


28 March 2012

location scouting

it's my favourite forest and it's dead right now, the waters quietly flowing under the dark brown branches, slowly carrying away the remains of winter.
i will be shooting a fairytale story here on the 30th with a long-haired blonde model from finland.
let's hope it turns out nice :]

26 March 2012

25 March 2012

le printemps

the spring is here

the riisipere mansion; once an orphanage, now abandoned and falling apart

the two lights of my life

the rust-coloured waters

another road trip since i had a day off and my friends had a car
unfortunately one of my favourite abandoned/derelict place is now fully locked and we couldn't get in
thank you darlings for taking me with you.

24 March 2012

the road is home

watercolour sunset over a parking lot somewhere far away

every spring my mind gets so restless and fierce that nothing can calm it anymore. these are the weeks where i tend to run away. travelling is the only thing that can somewhat soothe the mess in my head and even that isn't always enough. i need to breathe, i need to be free, i need to find my inspiration from the worn-out asphalt roads and cinder blue skies

the road is home.

i would travel in strangers' cars, talking about their jobs, sinking into their dreams. it's a whole new world of relationships: the kind of people you will probably never meet again and yet you still say "au revoir"

me in k's room after some very spontaneous art therapy (yup, we paint like toddlers)

i'm lucky to have k in my life. we grew up together, going through all the weird phases teenage girls do. no matter that we only see each other once a month now, it feels like nothing has changed. we are still two pretty geeks with weird little dreams laughing at stupid things and pretending to be girly

i'm happy there are people in this world who like me just the way i am (even if i run away all the time)

20 March 2012

hair extensions

the extensions i bought about a month ago finally arrived! they are supposed to be some kind of blonde mix and surprisingly the colour matches my hair perfectly.
they are real human hair (at least the package says so) and cost me around 23 euros.

pardon the messy bed, oops.

...and from behind. finally the hair i've always wanted.

however, there's a downside: i'm still learning how to attach them and today i spent two nice hours curling and putting on the extensions. how fun. i got a new high score on temple run though.
also, i promise, new (camera) pictures will be up soon, i have so much to share with you and instagram is one of the easiest ways ever invented. :3

18 March 2012

the melting winter

some instagram polaroids of my favourite city, sleeping in the morning fog and slowly melting into spring.

16 March 2012

soviet stories: behind the scenes

and finally some behind the scenes pictures, showing how the unbelievably serious and hard work is done.

me taking a very sneaky picture while kristin is doing johanna's hair

maarja's hair before styling

the pretty boy and his gorgeous jawline

stay heavy, johanna.

i'm not too sure what exactly was happening here...
nyan cat in action

"oh yeah, that ziguli, it shall be mine."

maarja throwing a great pose, vogue'd immediately

hungry for tea!

two laughing psychopaths, just sitting in the kitchen and holding hands


thank you guys, that shoot totally made my week. :')

15 March 2012

soviet stories, part three: the kitchen

mua & hair: kristin roovet
wardrobe: sarah lill & foxy vintage
models: johanna taiger & maarja koovit & silver uibo

the first photograph is my favourite. i remember when we moved to the kitchen i cleaned up the table and told maarja i wanted her to lye down (and after a few hesitating glares she actually did that), placed the other two models around her and gave them coffee and scissors. i've never tried absurd before, but i'm glad i did.

and here's a little something from behind the scenes :)

14 March 2012

soviet stories, part two: postcards

hair & mua: kristin roovet
wardrobe: sarah lill & foxy vintage & wholesale-dress
models: maarja koovit & silver uibo & johanna taiger
some jewellery by kadri vanaselja


"selling a very good cow due to moving. urgent"
this and all the other ads from soviet newspapers.
thanks again to m who pointed out these treasures and allowed me to use them.

13 March 2012

soviet stories, part one: girls

hair & mua: kristin roovet
wardrobe: sarah lill & wholesale-dress
models: johanna taiger & maarja koovit
some jewellery by kadri vanaselja

the only available lighting was from the window, surprisingly it was good enough to bring out the details and the sheer fabrics. i wanted to picture tenderness and intimate moments, secrets that girls tell to each other. none of the shots were directed, sometimes i would only hand them different objects and let the lighting tell the story. shooting at m's apartment is so easy, it's like reading a fairytale book, all the strange things and decorations being the letters and words on pale yellow pages.