2 March 2012

the night lights: with m

early morning on my street

after another eight hours spent at the lovely gas station i decided to check out the apartment i'll be using for my sunday 60s shoot - i found m (and a lovely bottle of wine) from a local mall and then we proceeded to her tiny home, filled with pale yellow light and huge cardboard boxes. i helped her unpack and we sat on her kitchen floor, smoking golden marlboros (given to me by a kind client for free) and talking about the past. it's amazing how people can change in a few years. we've both grown up, at least somewhat.

old books in m's new room
she picked out her favourite books and i opened them at random pages to read beautiful poetry. we'd laugh at old lovers and strange words and with every breath i felt more and more inspired by this small space, the old bookshelf and the paintings on the walls. it's been a while since i met another photographer, and she's good at it. damn good.

tea cups with white polka dots
i somehow managed to melt her water heater (there you go, can't even boil water without ruining the kitchen) and then lover came too and we'd sat on her large armchairs, with smoke flowing from our lips like huge grey rivers, into the darkness of the night, with the mighty city bustling behind the window glass.
it was quiet and it felt like home, the kind of home i've always wanted.

m's shoulder and hair
and finally, there is a big shoot coming up this sunday. i don't think i've ever organized and coordinated something so huge; with such a large team and so many models. if everything goes well, you'll get to see the results in a week or so - until then, put on your hipster glasses and rock to elvis.

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