24 March 2012

the road is home

watercolour sunset over a parking lot somewhere far away

every spring my mind gets so restless and fierce that nothing can calm it anymore. these are the weeks where i tend to run away. travelling is the only thing that can somewhat soothe the mess in my head and even that isn't always enough. i need to breathe, i need to be free, i need to find my inspiration from the worn-out asphalt roads and cinder blue skies

the road is home.

i would travel in strangers' cars, talking about their jobs, sinking into their dreams. it's a whole new world of relationships: the kind of people you will probably never meet again and yet you still say "au revoir"

me in k's room after some very spontaneous art therapy (yup, we paint like toddlers)

i'm lucky to have k in my life. we grew up together, going through all the weird phases teenage girls do. no matter that we only see each other once a month now, it feels like nothing has changed. we are still two pretty geeks with weird little dreams laughing at stupid things and pretending to be girly

i'm happy there are people in this world who like me just the way i am (even if i run away all the time)


k said...

brofist <3

Siiri said...


k. said...

Ma kogu aeg vaatan, et see on väga tuttav kleit. Proovisin vist täpselt sellist Camdeni turu mingis üliarmsas poekeses. Ainult et ma nägin selles välja nagu vahukoorega üle lastud lumememm... :/

Siiri said...

ma käisin ka camdenis seal nunnus poes, mis nägi välja nagu vaniljejäätis ning jõllitasin neid kleite. aga sealt ta pärit ei ole, hoopis wholesale-dress'ist. mäletan, et kui selle tellisin, siis klassivend vaatas põlgusega ja ütles, et ma jumala eest ühelegi modellile seda selga ei paneks. aga nüüd on sellest saanud armastatuim osa mu shoodi garderoobist ja ise kannan ka :)

k. said...

Hea, et vähemalt leidub inimesi, kellele see selga sobib. :D

Siiri said...

ma arvan, et ta sobib pmst igaühele, ainult vöö peab kindlasti olema :D