15 April 2012


tiny birdhouse under the kitchen window

cupcakes and macarons

kärolin's favourite café

puppet shop

pretty little girl

stockholm in the afternoon

a street with nice pavement

me being very excited in the fotografiska museet

art inside art

pictures of andy warhol

kärolin and andy warhol

the view from the photography museum's stylish café (and bird poop)

kärolin and johnny cash

the best sushi in the world

first shoot; instagram screenshot

playing with light

celebrating late easter

scandinavian design

snow in stockholm... april 14th

possibly the only model who can wear my favourite dress to a shoot

lakeside shoot

the endless inspiration

leaving stockholm

one day i will take them home.

i spent a few days in sweden with my friend kärolin and her lover, mostly in their tiny stockholm home, shooting by the lakesides and in strangers' front yards. here are a few instagram sneak peeks of what we did; i hope that within a week or so i can show you everything else as well. 
until then, enjoy these little memories (:

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