30 May 2012

young blood

a fun and spontaneous shoot with the beautiful johanna, a sixteen-year old free spirit and fashion blogger.
styled by herself, shot in a stranger's courtyard in the old town.

27 May 2012

seven devils

hauntingly beautiful.


finally editing the photos i took in sweden.
can't wait to show you them all.

26 May 2012


making friends with strangers

the barbeque throne of steel and wood

sunbathing m

my pretty friend

spring blossoms

royal portrait with a cat

k in the botanic gardens

a few photos from the film i shot in tartu, 
the expensive fujicolor reala that m left in his camera more than a year ago.

25 May 2012

"into the wild" photoshop tutorial

a few months ago i wrote a tutorial for photoshoptutorials.ws, now it's finally published and available here!
it teaches you all kind of cool stuff i regularly use in my everyday work, so i hope it'll be useful ;)

21 May 2012

the city of cinders, the city of rain

the scarlet fields

and our favourite city smells like summer

when the evening covers the sky we'd look at the stars

and count all the cloud animals that float above,
with our fingers reaching for the branches
and the wild youth gets drunk of cheap wine and early summer

"i am the needle, and you the record, and when we touch, the night is music between us"

and i will find you in the wasteland of your mind when the night comes falling from the sky

i love being on the road with you, because then i don't miss anything

another short trip over the country.

18 May 2012

my early years

i pulled out a big family album this evening and found some early photographs from '92-'96, so i decided to blog them. unfortunately i started to hate being photographed when i was older, so this is all i have right now, but i hope you have a little laugh anyway :)

the little flower in her mother's womb, tiny baby me at 14 weeks. 

possibly about two years old, with my first paintings,
arranged nicely by my mama.

"draw me like one of your french girls."

quite possibly the strangest photo from my childhood,
i don't remember why i have a picture with a monkey.

i had grown to 100 centimeters and my parents decided to buy me
lots of balloons to celebrate it. man, i loved balloons.
look at that fiery little lion.

charming the kindergarten photographer with my panda bear.

do you have any cute childhood pictures that you'd like to share with me? ♥

15 May 2012

diana kull designs

shot for diana kull, a young fashion designer and my high school friend.
modelled by the beautiful ulla alla, assisted by erik loide.

we shot them around the old town and in my school. erik is one of the best assistants i've ever had, as he always helped me with everything and even took some badass behind the scenes pictures, i am so very grateful for that. 

some behind the scenes photos i took:

thank you for viewing ♥

14 May 2012

dancing on the water

model: nele sergejeva
undirected and barely edited at all.
named so because n walked into the salty waves while i took pictures. 
wardrobe is model's own. makeup by me.

13 May 2012

you are what i dream of

thought it was about time i posted some new pictures. so after another weird night shift and two hours of sleep i got dressed, styled my hair and dragged my poor lover to a nearby park to take some pictures. i think this one turned out particularly nice, so i'm posting it here as well.

apart from that, my life has been super busy and i'm spending every free minute on photoshop, designing and editing various graphic projects and images. i wish i could just quit my day job and become a full time artist, but it's not possible right now, so i have to keep working for that dream to come true. but one day, i promise, i won't do anything but take pictures for a living. i know it won't happen tomorrow and maybe not even next year, but i'm willing to take the risk. and it will come, maybe even sooner than expected.