18 May 2012

my early years

i pulled out a big family album this evening and found some early photographs from '92-'96, so i decided to blog them. unfortunately i started to hate being photographed when i was older, so this is all i have right now, but i hope you have a little laugh anyway :)

the little flower in her mother's womb, tiny baby me at 14 weeks. 

possibly about two years old, with my first paintings,
arranged nicely by my mama.

"draw me like one of your french girls."

quite possibly the strangest photo from my childhood,
i don't remember why i have a picture with a monkey.

i had grown to 100 centimeters and my parents decided to buy me
lots of balloons to celebrate it. man, i loved balloons.
look at that fiery little lion.

charming the kindergarten photographer with my panda bear.

do you have any cute childhood pictures that you'd like to share with me? ♥

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Olivia McCaskill said...

Cute! I think I need to do one of these posts at some stage... I have some hilarious baby photos!