13 May 2012

you are what i dream of

thought it was about time i posted some new pictures. so after another weird night shift and two hours of sleep i got dressed, styled my hair and dragged my poor lover to a nearby park to take some pictures. i think this one turned out particularly nice, so i'm posting it here as well.

apart from that, my life has been super busy and i'm spending every free minute on photoshop, designing and editing various graphic projects and images. i wish i could just quit my day job and become a full time artist, but it's not possible right now, so i have to keep working for that dream to come true. but one day, i promise, i won't do anything but take pictures for a living. i know it won't happen tomorrow and maybe not even next year, but i'm willing to take the risk. and it will come, maybe even sooner than expected.



Naucha said...

I really hope you'll one day be able to take picture all day long. You deserve that liberty :) (Plus, your pictures are great, so it's even better ah ah :p)

Merike Reiljan said...

Whatever or whomever it is that you´re dreaming of, you are dreamlike yourself!