27 June 2012


pancakes with maple syrup

imre's new best friend, a kiev88

accidental self portrait

artur between shooting


my favourite photo from today

old lady filming street performers

a latvian street performer, dressed like an old lady

a very sad man playing the accordion

today was a day of taking pictures of strangers, maple syrup pancakes and random fooling around with imre and artur. 

26 June 2012

pink hair?

i found some temporary hair dyes at a second hand shop and decided to try them out on my own hair before using them on a photoshoot - and this is what i got! i'm extremely happy with the pink shade and i'm seriously considering dyeing my hair this colour. what do you think? :3

25 June 2012

the wanderlusters

vapiano, one of my favourite restaurants in tallinn

summer in the city

lazy breakfast

shooting with tea at the beach

shoot equipment

stroomi beach at sunset

long retouching nights with candlelight

rose bush

smoke bombs and pink pastel wardrobe

dyeing kadri's hair before shooting

kadri at my secret location

antique store 

a sea of dolomite

golden haze afternoons

the seaside

instagram pictures from june.

21 June 2012

to the girl with eyes painted on her back

when i first met you i knew from the beginning that you were going to have a huge impact on my life. you were the first person who deeply encouraged me to pick up photography and just dive in with my passion, to jump in headfirst. the first shoots with you lit the fire in my soul and i slowly learned my way around the camera, with you directing and teaching me how to be a good photographer. i know it may seem like a hazy memory by now, but it happened only a year ago when i chose you over my studies. it was the best decision of my life. you completed me in a way like only a true muse could; with your creative ideas melting the cracks in my heart. you were a hurricane from last summer, a storm that i will always remember.

i sometimes wonder if london is treating you well. i know that a restless, wanderlusting heart like yours will never be fully happy or satisfied with anything, but who needs calm when you've got wings that spread like stars and constellations in the night sky? when everything is dark, you will be the light that i see through my lens; that i feel with my heart. i miss you terribly because sometimes i don't know how to go forward and my mind becomes hesitant and unsure; and at these times you are (and will always be) the one who tells me that everything will be fine.

i often wish that you could come back, more often than i should. but i know that where you are right now is the best place for you to be, and that you'll return when it's time. you are meant to fly free and those who love you know that. you took a piece of my soul with you when you flew away over the oceans and seas, and i will never regret giving it to you. without this flame you gave me in return i wouldn't be the person i am today. reckless and always creating. like fire. like the storm. a memory of you, one that i will never forget.

14 June 2012

art sickness

me and m decided to visit the art museum of estonia (also known as kumu). although we spent most of the time laughing at silly historical paintings and choosing the prettiest picture frames, we were both really impressed with the final exhibition on the 5th floor, the speed of darkness and other stories. it's a lighting art exhibition and we ended up filming each other with one of the pieces (hoping to post them here in a few days or so!).

definitely one of the best things i've done in a while.

12 June 2012

the marketplace

since me and m are both into photography we decided to visit the train station and a market nearby to take pictures. here's the amazingness that m caught with her film camera; mine are shot digitally but with soviet lenses. 
except for the creepy russian people, it's a very inspiring place. :]