17 July 2012

ne obliviscaris

exactly one year of photography. hundreds, thousands of images. rebirth of a creative mind, my soul burning with every new picture. i have never wanted anything so badly and i know that my passion will someday take me very far. i am calm when i shoot, so calm that all the thoughts in my head quiet down and as i click the shutter, everything fades away. i'm so glad i found myself in photography.

these twelve months have been restless, strange and unkind - i have lost so much, but i have gained the experience i could have never dreamed of before. i remember writing in my personal statement: 'the idea of creation - how nothing becomes something - has always fascinated me. it is often achieved by paralyzing reality with the click of a shutter, capturing the essence of the moment and emotion. i like to believe that a photographic portrait is one of the deepest spiritual connections that can happen between two people, but unfortunately it is also the shortest, lasting less than a second.'

i had always been searching for that one thing to fulfill me and i had been looking inside human souls for this light, and it was there, only in a different way. i found my passion glowing through metal and glass, where the world stopped for a second, when my eyes composed a world different from ours. i was scared of this passion at first because it was something so wild and reckless but at the same time such a right thing to do. i had never felt more alive.

here is a collection of images taken during this year, from 2011 and 2012, from first to last.

every photograph is a memory. and you never forget memories


Hellera said...

Ever forward, my darling wind! You will see places and people we can never imagine but you'll always send your memories home and I will dream of the scent of spices and mist and love in the air.

v said...

<3! Your photos are soo pretty! xx

Siiri said...

thank you thank you thank you <3

jtrotti said...

wow these are so beautiful! the one of the girl laying the grass and peeking through at the camera through her fingers i think has imprinted itself in my mind!