14 July 2012

tinted eyelashes!

'before' picture, no makeup whatsoever

...just as i wrapped the shoot with johanna r a few days ago, she asked me how i did my eyebrows. since their natural shape is quite disastrous, i draw them over with a pencil. i use awful amounts of eye make-up because both my lashes and eyebrows are really light and it usually takes me around 30 minutes every morning before i can go out just to look human and not alien. and so she told me about eyelash tinting.
they carefully tint your lashes with semi-permanent dye that stays on for about three weeks - which means, you can go and dance in the rain, take a shower, go swimming, party hard, and there will be no ugly panda mornings! do you know how hard it is to crawl into the bathroom after a long night of drinking just to take off makeup? it's so hard that i almost never do it, and then i regret it in the morning.

so i booked an appointment at a salon she suggested, laid down on the chair and let the lady do her magic.


i was worried at first that i would get an allergic reaction but thankfully i did not, and after only ten minutes i left the salon with beautiful dark eyelashes that will stay for about three weeks and cost me only 8 euros (with the eyebrow tinting).

this is how i look now when i wake up
it no longer takes me half an hour to do my daily makeup - it takes less than five minutes! and really, nothing could make me happier than looking in the mirror right after waking up and thinking, 'whoa, my eyes look really good.'

girls, i wholeheartedly suggest that you try out eyelash tinting if you ever get tired of your daily mascara routine - you'll save money on both mascara and makeup remover, and you can sleep longer instead of spending most of the morning in front of a mirror. ♥

here's where i had my eyebrows and -lashes done: [link]


Yuki said...

Seems useful since I'm often too lazy to do full make-up but i can still do that with tinted eyelashes! ^^

k. said...

Ma lasen juba mitmendat suve järjest ripsmeid keemiliselt värvida, sest kulmud on mul täitsa olemas, aga ripsmetes pole vist üldse mingit tooni...

Kahjuks see muidugi just ripsmetuši-efekti ei anna, nii et ma kuhjan tööle-peole minekuks tuši peale. See annab ikka tohutult juurde ning salongis värvitud ripsmetel tundub tušš kuidagi loomulikum. Lainerijoon sulandub ka sujuvamalt ripsmepiiriga. Mul lihtsalt on mingi teema nukusilmadega. :D

Igapäevaselt on aga jube mugav küll. Ärkad üles & ripsmed paistavad peeglist vastu. Palju parem enesetunne. Võib-olla ostan järgmine kord mingi koduse komplekti, siis ei pea kogu aeg salongis raha kulutama.