31 August 2012

pink blog

to celebrate my pink obsession, i have created a separate tumblr blog for all things girly and pink.

25 August 2012


 since my friends gave me some art store gift certificates for my birthday, i went and bought some supplies right away and this is what happened. still a simple colour practice and i sort of messed up in the middle, but i haven't done any serious traditional art in months. hoping to finish it in a few days and show you the final version as well :3

23 August 2012

august instagrams

hand-picked instagrams from last month. 

almost done with moving. one last week to live here. travelling back and forth almost every second day. it's like i don't really know where to go but instead i float along. i feel like there is life on the road... hidden somewhere between sweat-stained train seats and on the faces of tired bus drivers. 
maybe it's the reason i always go out cycling at night, when the city is dark and damp from the evening rain. these are the times i feel most alone; lost somewhere among the headlights and wet asphalt roads. these are the nights for my own thoughts.

21 August 2012

twenty years

today is my 20th birthday! didn't have anything special planned but sometimes it takes only one kind-hearted person to make a day perfect.

since i don't have anything unusual to write about, i'll just go back to building houses in sims 2, haha.

hope you all had a magnificent summer, i can't wait for the school to start.

18 August 2012

website launch!

i have finally launched my very own website/portfolio!

should look a bit more professional than the previous one haha.

15 August 2012

i know it will probably come as a surprise to most of my readers, but since you probably read this blog to get to know me better, i guess it wouldn't hurt to spill a few secrets, right? well, i have finally decided what i'm going to do for the next 1,5 years - i will study hairdressing. i somehow managed to get in (no idea how as they only take 16 people and over 200 apply) and when the confirmation came, i couldn't believe my eyes and just kept refreshing the page to make sure it was real and not some joke. i know it may not seem like a huge thing as many of you expected something else, but for the first time ever it's something that i want, something that will make me happy. next winter i will know how to cut your hair and dye it pink if needed, and it will be awesome. until then wish me luck.

messy pink hair. taken by kärolin

13 August 2012

summertime sadness

model: kärolin-lii kaljula @ living models
skirts by johanna ruukholm, rest is model's own
photography & retouching by siiri kumari

always gold.
spontaneous and quick, yet my best work from this summer.

11 August 2012

pink hair!


and yes, i did it. i dip dyed my hair (or well, my hairdresser did). awesome. so damn awesome.

unfortunately i'm still in the process of moving to another city, but as soon as i'm settled down i will write more (and post the long overdue august curve set). i still can't believe i'm going to turn twenty in only a few days and it's scaring me a lot, but there's nothing a few hello kitty ice creams can't cure! haha.

...and a preview of what i've been working on.

4 August 2012

interior inspiration

i have always wanted to completely design my future home - and for a while, i have been now collecting interior inspirations.
i like minimal white homes with interesting details - such as antlers, vintage clocks, teal curtains... 
here's a whole blog post about them.
more can be seen on my interior blog which i update quite regularly.

all the rooms in my future house will have such floors. 

who needs closets anyway?

an incredibly cute idea for the kitchen. 

lots of light, small darker details and pure white.

this chair! and the british pillow! and the huge window omg

what's your favourite interior style? which colours would you use in your dream home?
i will give away one secret photoshop curve to one lucky answer!