27 September 2012


early morning bus. i slept for two hours and escaped.
i don't even know where to run anymore

25 September 2012

sweater weather

model is hannaloora reimann.
to show off my unconditional love for sweaters.

24 September 2012

only if for a night

a boy from my high school designs jewellery and in the beginning of summer he asked me to shoot some of his art with a model. naturally, johanna was the best choice with her beautiful flaming red hair.

i really like how everything turned out so unexpectedly nice although it wasn't the most planned shoot i've ever had; but i'm glad it did!

dress is from monki, makeup was done by the model herself.

19 September 2012

salt skin

model is kadri sammel
assisted by roland tiiroja
shot in june 2012

17 September 2012

film, august '12

one of my latest films that actually turned out quite nice.

always gold

pale collarbones covered with mellow streetlights
more than four hundred kilometers every week, to the seaside and back again. cravings. the roads become darker and i fall into a deep slumber, illuminated with images of home and distant memories. thunderstorms. it feels like i have lost my mind, looking for something to light the fire inside. telling myself that one year and six months is a short time, that i should never be afraid

collar bones, night time, scars and bruises. the skin remembers.

a stranger told me today that i was beautiful. platinum eyes, staring at the buttons of their woollen coat. they asked if i was cold. an ocean of words pours from my lips and the salted foam covers their hair, swallowing the unanswered questions and unnamed words and everything

(but never is often too far)

you are the light and i don't even know how to hold you

5 September 2012

free curves #9

click here to download the curve set
september curve set! lots of bright and warm tones, perfect for your autumn photoshoots.
if you don't know yet how to use them, check this page out.

as always, i would be honoured to see how people use them, so feel free to show me your images!