15 October 2012

apple pie

if there's anything i love as passionately as photography, it's cooking for sure.

i told my housemate today that i was craving apple pie and we decided to bake one. m did all the hard work, including peeling the apples and whipping the eggs (i suck at whipping stuff) while i just poured almost everything in the kitchen all the necessary ingredients into a huge bowl and pretended i knew what i was doing carefully baked this pie.

since people in this household almost never buy white sugar, i found some muscovado sugar instead which gave the dough a very interesting gingerbread-like taste (but it disappeared during baking). i also added cinnamon. like, lots of cinnamon. because apple pies seem somewhat incomplete when there's no cinnamon. i don't know why.

unfortunately there's no exact recipe since i measure everything by eye, but i think i may have mixed together pancake flour, normal wheat flour and corn flour (we didn't have enough wheat flour so i improvised), four eggs, around 100 grams of butter (maybe a bit more) and milk. four fist-sized apples and two large jonagold apples (that was too much). baked for 45 minutes until the dough wasn't liquid anymore.

that was one of the best cakes i've ever made.


A.A. said...

Õunakook on hää kraam.

Siiri said...


Rainy Martini said...

the cake looks yummy!