10 October 2012

september, instagram

this month's instagram material is a little bland, but it will have to do. plus, i don't really have anything else to share at the moment (or maybe there is and i have forgotten it). 

i just finished murakami's 'norwegian wood' and it was horrible. i couldn't stop crying when i read the last few pages and it happened on public transport and it was all terribly awkward. sometimes i wish i could share everything i felt back then but i don't think i can, my mind is so empty.

ellie goulding's new album 'halcyon' is musicgasmic and i have eaten fish every day this week. i don't know why, i really like fish right now. also, i baked a chocolate cake today to make sure life is perfect.

that's it for now, i will be back with better photos soon.

we went on a late night roadtrip and had a little barbeque in the dark.

the river

behind the scenes of sweater weather

ever since people discovered how much i like hello kitty,
they have been giving me various stuff.

at the fabric store (where i bought hello kitty fabric for a skirt)

some cutlery i found at the abandoned greenhouses

luunja (another roadtrip at night)

behind the scenes of this shoot.

my most precious hairdressing equipment

pancakes with chocolate and ice cream of my god i can't. they're too good.

some film pictures, in print.

dark yellow skyline


the colourful lights of my city

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