18 November 2012


some weeks ago i met him for the first time and we spent a few hours shooting in his dark and cold attic. it was so strange, i had never really shot a boy before, it was different and challenging. but somehow he already knew what to do and i barely directed anything.

he's gone now, over the mountains and seas, more than eight thousand miles away. i hope you come back soon.


Anonymous said...

hästi-hästi ilusad pildid, siirad ja emotsioonirikkad.

tegelikult ma tulin ütlema, et
palun-palun-palun võta ära see 'possibly related', sest kolm viiest on 'this once existed, but not anymore' ja see on kurb.


Siiri said...

see 'possibly related' töötab tegelikult väga ilusasti, lihtsalt ta peaks varsti ära kustutama need viited, mis lingivad nüüdseks draftitud postitustele...