1 December 2012

free curves #12

click here to download the curve set
ladies and gentlemen, may i present you the very last curve set of 2012, created with contrast and soft lighting in mind, to give your photos the colours they need.

i'm very proud of this whole project that i was able to continue for a whole year and i absolutely loved making them, and here you can download the previous eleven curve sets.

unfortunately all good things come to an end and i won't be making these monthly curve sets anymore, but i have a few bigger ideas in mind. all that i have created so far will remain here until the end of time so that you can keep using them as long as you wish.

there will be other projects coming soon, so keep an eye on my blog! much love to you all.


denise vanderroux said...

these are gorgeous, thankyou so much! looking forward to new projects :)

Julie said...

Thank you so much for sharing these curves.