17 June 2013

roadtrip to riga

driving in rain.

the typical roadtrp selfie.


tall pines by the road.

jellyfish-shaped bird poop.

arno has beautiful hands.

riga is running away.

lost somewhere in the city.

night life.

driving back home at 3AM.

it was somewhere around april when i found out that lana del rey was touring in europe. only a few weeks after i had decided to go they released a new tour date in latvia (much closer than lithuania) and my two sweetheart friends came along.

the performance was superior, but unfortunately ruined by people filming with their phones and ipads. the whole arena was filled with tiny white lights and it was so disappointing. i don't think i will ever understand people who come to concerts and spend the whole time filming it with phones or, even worse, with ipads. some were filming stage decorations before lana came on. it just felt so wrong...

10 June 2013

video games

we shot these at a local fairground and on my rooftop.
candy floss, roller coasters, flashing lights and bright red hair.
quite experimental, and i don't think i've ever shot with iso higher than 400.

model is maret ubaleht who also happens to be the make up artist on my shoots, thank you for coming and doing this crazy shoot with me.

4 June 2013

winter wine

 shot in winter 2012, a few hours before the new year's eve.

designs by sarah lill
model is kadri sammel

3 June 2013


model is kamilla truverk
hairpiece & makeup by maret ubaleht
wardrobe by anete palmik

this shoot was so magical. my friend drove us to a nearby forest and we took pictures with smoke and pines. she was a forest fairy, with the evening sun gleaming through her fiery hair.

i also realised that the girls i work with are the most hardworking people i've ever known. they believe in my ideas and don't hesitate in making them come true (unless when it comes to glitter). i have wanted to shoot something like this for years, and now i finally did. without them, these pictures wouldn't be here.

also summer shoot bookings (weddings, lookbooks, personal photoshoots) are now open, drop me an e-mail if you'd like to be in front of my lens! blog readers get a special offer ;)