17 October 2013


as per request, here is a short blog post about retouching. colours were edited with paris in october + hue/saturation layer mask that lightens yellows and saturates reds + vibrance layer mask. i work with photoshop cs6 and everything was edited under 15 minutes.

this is an example of retouching wrinkles - the spot healing brush is definitely very helpful! i worked through the wrinkles with thin lines until the blouse was smooth.

and skin retouching. adding warm yellow curves changed the lip colour and made the skin more glowing. i used a combination of spot healing brush and the regular healing brush to achieve a very natural-looking result. her skin is very good - i only removed a few moles and softened the wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes. i tried to preserve as many freckles as possible, and only removed two or three larger ones.

should have probably removed the twig on the left as well, but it didn't bother me as much so i kept it. since it's on a neutral, blurred background, it's very easy to clone out.

hoping this helped a little, in the next retouching post i'll try to write about more problematic skin and how to retouch it.

- - -

we got a cat and i got two new lenses, the 50mm f1.4 and the 85mm f1.8.

meet alaska!

he's a little stupid and decided to take a walk on the stove (and burned his whiskers). he's all right though and would probably do it again.

also, there's a free photoshoot giveaway coming up very soon... keep your eyes peeled he he he.

14 October 2013

halcyon days // mariliis

on sunday, october 13th, i had the pleasure of photographing a delicate fairytale princess with golden sunset skin and rapunzel hair.

makeup by maret ubaleht, wardrobe is client's own, with some pieces borrowed from anete palmik, hair by me.

book your own autumn photoshoot with beautiful makeup: siiri.kumari@gmail.com

13 October 2013

cinnamon spice

october has been tender so far. roses are blooming in my friends' backyards and the afternoons are often warm enough for outdoors shoots.

last time i photographed hannaloora was about a year ago, so it felt right to do it again.

model is hannaloora reimann
clothes provided by anete palmik, makeup done by the model herself.

8 October 2013


i saw her photos on flickr more than a year ago and thought back then, "i would love to photograph her". but i never had the courage. now i sort of re-discovered her and actually asked her to have a shoot together.

liisa is an amazing photographer herself - http://www.liisaharmson.com

photography by siiri kumari
model is liisa härmson
makeup by maret ubaleht
assisted by jaan kristjan utno (behind the scenes film coming soon!)
shot at viru raba

1 October 2013

evi and jevgenia

i had already photographed them once, in early summer. when evi contacted me again for a shoot i was more than happy, it's always great to have clients come back to you.

makeup was done by the wonderful maret ubaleht, and the images were shot on a rainy overcast day in keila-joa.