30 November 2013

a heart made of thorns

photography and retouching: siiri kumari
make up: maret ubaleht
style: kadri vanaselja
with some pieces borrowed from johanna ruukholm & anete palmik
model: janeli kirsi @ living models

and huge thanks to the estonian museum of natural history for letting us shoot in their rooms.

18 November 2013


siim was in australia for a year and now he's back. with a beard, long hair and a different attitude.
he is still the nicest guy in the world and incredibly fun to shoot with.

shot on november 17th in an abandoned greenhouse complex. it was very cold.

16 November 2013

blue lilies

i shot these back in june 2012 and finally re-discovered the series a few days ago.
it's always good to come back to your roots. you learn a lot.
model is tea, dress and makeup by me.

4 November 2013

you are enough

november 3rd.

my best friend is back from scotland.

we just stood there and laughed and i felt the joy in my veins. like nothing could ever go wrong again.
you smell like the mountains and the sea. i missed you a lot.
i'm glad to have you in my life.