31 December 2013

2013 in pictures



2013 was a year of self-discovery, teamwork and hundreds of new opportunities. i feel like finally my photography is taking me somewhere and even though i'm more critical about the results, there has been so much progress. i hope i never stop creating.

1. january

no photographs at all (how is that even possible?) while making a living at a coffee bar. 12-hour workdays really leave no chance for planning, shooting and editing, unfortunately.

2. february

new job, new ideas, new photos. plenty of sushi. a crazy friend who wanted to pose on the rooftop on my house in -15C weather while wearing a sheer nightgown. she's crazy and i love her for it.

3. march

one of my favourite friend asked me to shoot him and so i did - he later wrote a story to go with the pictures.

4. april

april was a hurricane and i added my beloved make up artist maret to my team. this is where the magic started.
i also spent a few days in sweden with my beautiful muse kärolin and her boyfriend.
and saw ellie goulding live.

5. may

hardcore gym days, john green books, and homemade indian dinner on my balcony. my team organized a fairytale shoot with a redhead beauty kamilla. i feel like this was the point when i looked at the images and thought, "this is my style and this is exactly what i want to shoot"

6. june

roadtrip with my friends to see lana del rey in riga, finally some sunshine and warmth (more outdoor shoots!).
i did one of my favourite shoots ever which later won the first place in a fashion photography contest and got published in a local beauty magazine.

7. july

i will remember this evening for many, many years. last year i had a photoshoot giveaway on my blog and by chance a girl from my school won it. we had decided to wait until it was warmer, and july seemed just perfect. so much sunshine and love glowing from these three.

it breaks my heart that their son is no longer among us, he was the nicest little boy i had ever met.

8. august

i am now 21 years young and still a dreamer. we did a shoot for a magazine that never got published due to the magazine going on a hiatus - hoping to post it in the new year.

9. september

the hippie project. september was so incredibly warm that the models could run around barefoot.

10. october

my first motorcycle ride, it was beautiful. my second shoot with hannaloora, fun and nice as always.

11. november

started working with a local modelling agency - and let my make up artist go crazy this time. she created a fawn (and later a crow).

12. december

and finally, my favourite client of the year! kaili is a tattoo artist with a passion for bikes and beautiful clothes.

forever grateful for the people in my life who have made it possible to make my dreams come true. happy new year everyone!

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