14 January 2014

50 days

winter has been fatiguing. i am already tired of the snow and cold. december was nice with its subtle hints of spring and warmer weather. i guess i was the only one who actually liked it.

i am flying to LA in march, all made possible by an american friend who believes in my dreams as much as i do. every week i am counting days until my first trip to the usa.

as a photographer i am always editing something, planning something, shooting something. january hasn't been much different. i have two published editorials coming up (my this year's goal is to get at least five), a book cover in the making, plenty of new agency faces to shoot with, and new ink on my arm. everywhere i go, i leave parts of my skin behind. it's pretty gross but that's how tattoos work.

i am only twenty-one and my whole life is ahead of me and it is at the same time beautiful and terrifying. i have always been the one to set fire to the bridges to fight the fear inside. but i am strong, i will remain strong

tartu in august 2013, during the love film festival.


Anonymous said...

"To dream a dream is to awaken your inner self. Your wants, your desires, your passions are given life."

A.A. said...

Kasuta kindlasti meerikamaa VABADUSI ning "shooti" peale fotode ja alkoholi midagi muud kah.