25 May 2014

basic portrait retouching

the question i hate the most is "will you photoshop it out?"

why? i believe in shooting perfection. there is no such thing as "fixing it later". of course, i am able to photoshop almost anything, thanks to 8 years of experience in the field of photomanipulations. i can put the subjects in a completely different setting and make it look realistic enough. i can do digital plastic surgery and give the model airbrushed editorial skin.

but i choose not to.

i used to photoshop so much when i first got into photography. i saw a bad frame and thought "i'll make it better in post processing". but it never felt right, so i learned from the masters of renaissance the ways of playing with light and started shooting differently.

i used to take around 500 photos during each shoot. it took me at least two or three hours to get 20-25 good pictures. and sometimes they weren't so good either. now i keep the number around 200 out of which 90% will make the cut (the rest is usually half-closed eyes, out of focus, hand movements, etc).

i plug in the memory card, download the images and usually retouch them in one night. one photo takes about five minutes. and i am so grateful for not having to spend more.

the light is your friend. use it.

click here for larger size
model is xenia, makeup by maret ubaleht (MUMU)


Stephen Iles said...

Nice post

Saara Elina said...

!!! arvostus x10000