5 May 2014


a few months ago i made friends with anni viskus who is one of my favourite estonian photographers. we made plans to shoot together but since she lives far away on a remote island it took some time... but luckily she visited me instead and we quickly did this wonderful dark shoot. makeup and feather headpiece by my lovely MUA maret ubaleht, monki black dress borrowed from johanna ruukholm, shot in my backyard during golden hour with jupiter 135mm and nikkor 50mm.


Denise Rexhall - photographer in Stockholm said...

Love these new shots!! :)
Also, I think you're from Estonia since it mentions it in the 'about' section but I noticed that the title to this post is in swedish, do you speak swedish as well?^^

Siiri said...

unfortunately i only know a few words! it's a shame, swedish is such a beautiful language, i intend to fully learn it one day. (:

Kriss said...

Ohh, Anni on niinii ilus! Nii hea näha andekaid inimesi koos töötamas ning selle kaunist tulemust.