24 June 2014

what i'd write to a sixteen-year-old myself

"i know you are terribly heartbroken after losing your very first lover. and you will never meet anyone like him.
you will fall in love with strangers, and boys who don't really care, but it will be okay in the end. it's experience.
you are not ugly (16/6/2009), you are not a hopeless little girl (30/07/2009). you are everything and so much more.
you will fight too hard for people who you are going to lose anyway.

don't dress like a whore. those who only value your body will probably never value your soul.

all your actions have consequences. you will say "i love you" to someone and not mean it and regret it later. love is a powerful word.

the boy who breaks your heart a day after christmas will still love you five years later and wish he could turn back time.

you will become addicted to someone and they will be violent to you.
sadly, this is also experience.

you have said, 'art never comes from happiness'
but it will. you will pick up the camera and you are going to shoot amazing things. people will know your name. you are going to be so big.
maybe photography is what saves you. maybe not. maybe there will be something even greater.

you will travel through the wastelands of your mind and the images you see will become real photographs. you are the creator of magnificent things.

you will experience. you will live. you will love.

PS. you will also do shrooms and it's going to be pretty rad."

19 June 2014


my co-worker helen owns sheep, and in the beginning of the year i got hold of a ram's head that was then taken to a taxidermist friend who created this skull for me. it's a beautiful thing, life and death in one form.

it was originally made for an upcoming shoot with a long-haired viking - but we decided to take it out for a test shoot. maret did her hair and makeup and came over. 

i live in a very urban area... but there are plenty of secret locations hidden between the blocks of houses. i discovered this field just a few days ago when i was dropping off a print. tall grass, wild flowers, dark trees in the background. it was perfect for what i had in mind.

the flowers were originally bright yellow - i brought down the hues to achieve a more unreal setting.

shot on an overcast day, with natural light.
50mm f1.4 / nikon d90

muse is maret ubaleht
taxidermy by studio viridis

- - -

17 June 2014

if wishes were like airplanes

we drove over 700 kilometres in two days, mostly on the north coast. 
estonia is a truly beautiful country.

16 June 2014


13.07.2014 - tallinn, estonia

fantasy photo / storytelling / retouching workshop

- - -

juba üsna varsti, 13. juulil, korraldan glehni lossis fantaasiafoto töötoa. planeeritud on umbes 6-7 tundi intensiivset õpet ja igale osalejale võimalus eraldi modellidega pildistada (meil on kolm kogenud modelli eesti parimatest agentuuridest). 

räägin fantaasiafoto loomisest - moodboardi tegemine, tiimi kokku panemine, fotomeik ja stilistika, modellide leidmine, avaldamisvõimalused ajakirjades jms. pärast pildistamist õpetan oma töötlemistehnikaid ja photoshopiga "maagia" tegemist.

workshopi ajal saab ka süüa ning igale osalejale on üllatuskingitus.

kui tekkis huvi, kirjuta siiri.kumari@gmail.com
kohtade arv on piiratud, registreerida saab 1. juulist.

13 June 2014

under control

this was a very spontaneous test shoot with joosep from living models, on the agency's roof. since he's leaving to milan for the summer, i was asked to take some last minute photos.

the styling is quite random (and unironed) since we only had the agency's clothes to work with... but sometimes there's nothing you can do about it.

- - -

photography: siiri kumari
model: joosep @ living models
MUA: maret ubaleht

- - -

4 June 2014

coney island dreams

this shoot was supposed to be a disaster.

i learned a few days before the shoot that the weather would be bad. i was, of course, optimistic and presumed that it will clear up in the afternoon, but of course it didn't. we tried searching for last minute indoor locations but nothing worked out.

then i saw an advertisement on the bus for the local tivoli and made a quick decision.

- - -

i am very to lucky to work with the most amazing team ever.

photography: siiri kumari
makeup: maret ubaleht
hair: maarika heering @ fashionhair
stylist: renata lensment
jewellery: KLM
models: kristina sikorskaja (metro models), mia eisler (metro models), ed stone

- - -

published in YU magazine '04

- - -