4 June 2014

coney island dreams

this shoot was supposed to be a disaster.

i learned a few days before the shoot that the weather would be bad. i was, of course, optimistic and presumed that it will clear up in the afternoon, but of course it didn't. we tried searching for last minute indoor locations but nothing worked out.

then i saw an advertisement on the bus for the local tivoli and made a quick decision.

- - -

i am very to lucky to work with the most amazing team ever.

photography: siiri kumari
makeup: maret ubaleht
hair: maarika heering @ fashionhair
stylist: renata lensment
jewellery: KLM
models: kristina sikorskaja (metro models), mia eisler (metro models), ed stone

- - -

published in YU magazine '04

- - -

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