19 June 2014


my co-worker helen owns sheep, and in the beginning of the year i got hold of a ram's head that was then taken to a taxidermist friend who created this skull for me. it's a beautiful thing, life and death in one form.

it was originally made for an upcoming shoot with a long-haired viking - but we decided to take it out for a test shoot. maret did her hair and makeup and came over. 

i live in a very urban area... but there are plenty of secret locations hidden between the blocks of houses. i discovered this field just a few days ago when i was dropping off a print. tall grass, wild flowers, dark trees in the background. it was perfect for what i had in mind.

the flowers were originally bright yellow - i brought down the hues to achieve a more unreal setting.

shot on an overcast day, with natural light.
50mm f1.4 / nikon d90

muse is maret ubaleht
taxidermy by studio viridis

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