7 July 2014

retouching walkthrough

since my facebook page is about to hit 2000 likes, i am posting this short editing walkthrough as a thank you for following my work.

1. this is where it all starts! some back story for the image: shot backlit during sunset, there was some wind, and lovely maret was helping me out with a reflector, using it the way you shouldn't probably use a reflector - by flailing it.

tech stuff: nikon d90, 85mm nikkor lens, iso 100, f 2.2, 1/640s exposure.
i chose this photo mainly because of the hair movement (come on, it is awesome) and the emotion it shows.

2. here are some adjustments that i made... quite basic stuff. i wanted the background to be more yellow so i changed that in hue/saturation.

3. what it looks like before importing to photoshop.

4. since johannes has very good skin, i won't be doing much retouching, just some spots...

5. what it looks like after skin retouching.

6. added some curves.

7. lightened the eye area to bring out the colour.

8. final!

i hope you learned something, and if you'd like to learn more, you are more than welcome to join my workshop on july 13th, where i will be explaining more about curves and colours.

muse: johannes mengel
mua: maret ubaleht

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