25 September 2014

lovers on the sun

muse: marit tammaru
MUA: maret ubaleht
jewellery (back piece & bag): tRust (krete beljaev & kätrin beljaev)

early morning shoot where we finally caught the sunrise. the fog was an accident, i never imagined one smoke bomb would do that. but i guess the weather conditions were right and the lakeside decided to give us this ethereal location. 

we drank a tea of mushrooms and lyed down on the bed in darkness and let our minds overtake us.
we were a landscape of colours and sensations, their body was part of me and i was part of them. it was as if we had the same consciousness, the same thoughts. we were moving in the same awareness.

we stood under the stars at midnight and the milky way was smiling back at us. it knew. the universe understood. the cosmos is inside us, from the moment we are born and until we take our last breath. 

the darkness is familiar with its yellow glows, leading me back to the world where i once started walking. trees like hands waving in the sky. this is the earth i have known and forgotten and found again. the world that feels like home. 

this is where inspiration comes from.

where my body is part of the nature. its geometry, patterns and shapes. where everything visual understands.

i wish to take you into this world. maybe someday when you allow your mind to be open. when you allow your soul to walk the roads you have never seen.

we are like watercolor flowing on fresh paper

17 September 2014


svetlana was very open-minded and let us do whatever we wanted, so we arranged a fairytale princess gown, lots of flowers and smoke bombs, one of my skulls, and a crystal crown.

we had been shooting for one hour when it started pouring heavy rain. luckily, we were in a forest, so we stood under a tree for a while... until a hail storm started and we decided to stop the shoot. we had left some of our belongings uphill (so naturally, they were soaked) and didn't have any extra clothes either so the way back home was quite wet.

however, the photos were worth it.

this is definitely one of my favourite client shoots in 2014.

mua & headpiece: maret ubaleht
dress: tallinna linnateater

15 September 2014

jaana & kenneth

jaana & kenneth celebrated their 2nd anniversary on august 18th and i was more than happy to photograph them. we got lucky with everything - the locations, the weather... and of course the happy couple who were so easy to shoot with.

12 September 2014

fantaasiafoto workshopid

mida kujutab endast üks tüüpiline fantaasiafoto workshop?

me saame kokku. väikese, mõnusa seltskonnaga. fotograafe on umbes 10 ringis ning see on just paras arv, et kõik omavahel sõpradeks saaksid ja koos head pilti teeksid. enam-vähem sama palju on kokku ka modelle ja tiimi, kes annavad endast kõik, et saaksid kõige paremat pilti teha.

räägime fotomeigist, stilistikast, soengutest, riietest, pürotehnikast, assisteerimisest, valgustusest, modelli juhendamisest, ideede leidmisest, fototöötlusest...

umbes tund aega pildistan mina. selgitan, kuidas ja miks midagi teen. saab näha tossu ja ilusaid tüdrukuid vanaaegsetes kleitides. seejärel jagame fotograafid 2-3 inimesest koosnevateks gruppideks, kes saavad ühe modelli ning edasi on juba vaba maa.

see ei ole tüüpiline workshop, kus suur kari inimesi pildistab teleobjektiividega ühte modelli kivi peal.
see on päev, kus me inspireerime üksteist. aitame. hoolime. teeme koostööd parima foto nimel.

pole vahet, kas see on sinu jaoks elukutse või kolmapäevahobi. selliseid pilte pole sa tõenäoliselt veel teinud. ei loe sinu tehnika või varasemad kogemused. meie idee on inspireerida ning aidata sul oma loominguga jõuda sinna, kuhu süda tõeliselt kutsub.

tule fantaasiafoto workshopile ja sa näed.