13 November 2014

of roses and thorns

muse: laura pärnpuu
mua: maret ubaleht
dresses: riina põldroos & estonia national theatre
set design: taavi luhamaa
assistant: katrin kasper
roses: lahe roos 

- - -

we shot this series in the beginning of july '14... i wanted something magical with smoke and roses.
a story of a fairytale girl living in an abandoned mansion, dancing with the moonlight at nightfall.

shot with natural lighting + nikon d90 + 85mm f1.8


Eneli Rahula said...

Nii kaunid fotod!


Paige said...

Wow, just natural lighting? How high did you have to set the ISO then?
Lovely series, I really like the colours that you've worked with.

Siiri said...

Paige - since it was shot with the D90 that doesn't really handle high iso, i didn't go further than 400. wish i had the mkii back then, could easily go over 1600 and wouldn't notice a thing :P