2 March 2015


teamwork is essential in creating good photographs, and i feel that my work has evolved greatly ever since i have included other brains in it.

maret (my main make up artist) came first - we started working together in april 2013 after a short chat on facebook (we had known each other before, but i never realized her hobby in cosmetics), and that's where the crazy life started. we were unbeatable. a photoshoot was no longer simply me going out with a model. now it was planning, sketching, moodboarding, brainstorming, beauty work and photography. she has inspired and influenced me so much, both artistically and emotionally.

then, one by one, came the others. my team grew slowly at first and then rapidly after the first fantasy photo workshop. i am lucky to have so many creative friends working with me, and doing that with love and passion. i see how their eyes light up and our hearts bloom together in mutual understanding.

i have the best young filmmakers. everything they create is pure magic. the best make up artists, stylist and hairdressers who can bring to life anything i have in mind. the most amazing assistants who grasp the idea without explanations.

i try to sense the people i work with. they need to have at least the same amout of perverse humor (or more, if possible). i looked for people who weren't afraid of fire and cold, people who were my age and not afraid to chase their dreams. i needed the raw, stupid and fierce youth, the ones who haven't lost their inner child.

photos by rasmus pitkänen

on february 24th we finally got together with the gang and i took some headshots...

jaan (film) - mairi (film) - rasmus (assistant) - raili (makeup) - maret (makeup) - malle (hair) - kairi (hair) - katrin (assistant) - renata (styling)
photo by taavi luhamaa
i am so grateful for all of you ♥

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