1. what equipment do you have?

i shoot with a variety of cameras - nikon, canon, sometimes pentax, sometimes old soviet film cameras.

2. how long have you been doing photography?

since july 2011.

3. how do i book a shoot with you?

write me an inquiry to siiri.kumari@gmail.com with all the details and you'll get a reply within 24 hours. i strongly prefer outdoors or on location shoots, but studio stuff is possible as well.

i shoot portraits, fashion, lovers, musicians, weddings and advertisements.

4. what about hair and makeup?

i work with a very talented makeup artist, maret ubaleht. i would recommend her services to anyone who doesn't feel confident with doing their own photo makeup. we have a good understanding of each others' work; she knows the lighting conditions and how to make the human face naturally beautiful.

i also have a hair stylist and a wardrobe stylist available, should you need their services.

5. how much do you retouch your images?

only as much as needed. my main intention is to leave the finished images natural, so airbrushing is out of the question. i also use a combination of curves for final colouring, you can download them for free on my blog.

6. have you ever studied photography professionally?

no. it was just a crazy idea that became something bigger and is now everything i love.

7. which version of photoshop do you have?

the cs6.

8. i would like to learn more about photography. can you teach me about ...?

come to my next workshop! i love teaching more than anything, and information about our next workshops is available at www.profoto.ee

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